Brooks B17 Special


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Brooks has been making high quality leather saddles in England since forever.  They look great and the ride well too.  Many a cyclist who has had trouble with synthetic contemporary saddles have found comfort and reliability with a Brooks.   

The Brooks B-17 is the most popular leather saddle for general all purpose riding, whether it is touring, commuting, mixed terrain, brevets, or just rambling around by bicycle.  The B-17 Special is the upgraded version to the standard B-17.  It has thicker leather with skived edges.  The rails are copper plated steel, and the machine set steel rivets are replaced with hand hammered copper rivets.  The B-17 Special generally rides best when the handlebars are level or near level with the saddle.  The B-17 Special also has two bag loops built into the saddle for mounting a traditional transverse saddlebag, like a Carradice. 

The B-17 Special comes in Honey or Black.


540 grams