Berthoud Mente


All Gilles Berthoud saddles are crafted with extreme attention to detail.

Made in France with handpicked cowhide, the saddles undergo a natural vegetable tanning process. The leather goes through a waterproofing procedure, and then are per-softened by hand to ensure the highest level of comfort from the get-go. Gilles Berthoud saddles are all made with their trademarked frame and tension system that ensures the perfect mix of flex and rigidity. They can also be disassembled or rebuilt by hand and each one includes a unique serial number.

The rear bolt assembly is situated off the back edge of the saddle, not just at the rear like other leather saddles. This means that as you move your body around on long rides, you will not find yourself sitting on any rivets or bolts.  

With an unparalleled attention to detail, the Gilles Berthoud name is the signature of passion and excellence.

Mente: Has a width of 180mm, stainless steel rails, and two built in saddle bag loops. This saddle is the most "upright touring" of the collection, and is comparable in fit to the Brooks B-17 or Flyer.  The Aspin fits best with the bars at or above the saddle. 

The Mente is offered in natural and black leather treatments.

  • 180mm x 278mm
  • 5mm (0.2 in) thick leather
  • Stainless steel rails
  • 510 grams
  • Gilles Berthoud saddles are hand made in France
  • Note: The color may not be exact as the pictures
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