Rim: Pacenti: PL23 Machined


PL23 rims. $98 each

  • 650b and 700c
  • 23mm wide
  • Rim brake only, box section rim
  • High polish
  • Single Eyelet
  • 32 and 36 hole in stock
  • 415 grams each
  • Welded seam
  • These are a great alternative to the Synergy rims in 650b, and a good alternative for someone looking for rando and mixed terrain custom wheels for 700c. Why a wide 700c rim?  With tires 28mm and bigger, the beads are not pinched down like you would have with say an Open Pro or DT Swiss RR465. The tire is allowed to open up a bit, giving a fuller contact patch and actually increasing the width of the tire. So a 28 will have the width of a 30mm tire, a 32 around a 34mm, etc. This phenomenon also lowers the vertical profile of the tire. The width increases stop around 35mm, just giving you a nice wide tire at that point. 
  • Why is this good? Well, you can run your tires at a lower pressure without fear of pinch-flatting or rolling your wide tire off your rim. Even though we have been running wide tires on narrow rims at low pressure for years with few mishaps, the PL23 is a welcomed addition to the rim selection out there (better than Velocity because they are welded and not pinned - seemingly better alloys, too). The Open Pro's and DT's are still good rims, and you can still run up to 35mm tires on them if you want, but wide tires at lower pressures will ride a bit better using wider rims (like these ones).
  • At the time of writing this, the current version of these rims have a 185 lb. weight limit. If you're of a larger build you may want to seek out another hoop to build your wheels on. Pacenti is working on a re-design on new version but that'll be a little way off.