Rim: 700: DT Swiss: RR465 Dual Eyelet Silver 32H


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These box-section clincher rims aren't the heavy hoops of yesteryear.  DT Swiss's 465 rim are light and durable, using double a eyeletted design that tacks the eyelet through the rim's inner and outer wall, which makes for a beefy rim less likely to wear at the spoke holes. 

Plus, the rim joint uses Strength Boost Welding Technology, where two small sleeves are pressed into the rim ends and the joint is welded together, then the seam and sidewalls is CNC machined.  This procedure creates a smooth uniform braking surface for optimum braking control.  Wear indicators have been added to let you know when it's time to buy a new rim. 

I've used these rims for a couple of brevet seasons, including PBP 2011.  No issues.  

  • 19.4mm wide rim with machined sidewalls and wear indicators
  • Symmetrical sidewalls for maximum braking control
  • Welded using "Strength-Boost-Welding-Technology"
  • Single-pocket hollow rim construction/extrusion
  • Double eyelets: perfectly adjusted, stainless steel