Nitto Campee Rear Rack


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A great rear camping/rando rack with detachable lowrider pannier mounts.  One reason why this Nitto rack rules above over camping racks, beside the removable bag mounts (lighter weight), is the large but not too large top platform for tents, sleeping bags, or trunk bags.  Another great aspect of this rack in my opinion is the rock sold attachment points.  Besides using the rear eyelts, the rack attachs to the cantilever posts, or to seatstay eyelets.  No reliance on fenders, or other wacky mounting hacks.  This rack has options, but options that don't weaken the usefulness or integrety of the rack.  

We sold this rack to a Japanese tourist traveling down the coast who was carrying so much stuff that he broke his Surly rack.  He finished his trip without any more problems carrying the same insane amount of stuff.  

Get this and then get out there.