Nitto Campee Front Rack


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The venerable and attractive Nitto Campee touring rack.  The pluses of the Campee rack versus other front racks are the removable lowrider pannier mounts, the upper platform (for either a handlebar bag or a stuffsack/sleeping bag), and a brazeon for a light on the driveside.  The light mount is great for installing a generator powered light like the Schmidt Edelux or the Busch and Muller Cyo.  If you want to run a battery powered light you will need to get an adapter like the Paul "Gino" light mount.  

The rack attaches to the cantilever posts on the fork.  It can also run to the fork blades and attach to a brazeon, or use P-clamps.  It also attaches to the lower forktip eyelets.  If you are running fenders on your bike, you can easily double up on that eyelet.

I've used this rack for the past couple of years on my touring bike, most recently on a four day camping trip along the Lost Coast of California.  Shop buddy Bryan used the rack sans panier mounts on PBP 2007, then reattached the mounts and went touring in the French Alps for another ten days.  Worked great.