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Over the years the Pelican has been refined into a “low trail, fully integrated randonneur bicycle," a quick riding, long distance road bike that is designed to carry a small amount of luggage, with built-in provisions for full coverage fenders and brazed on wire guides for generator lighting front and rear.

It is a bike designed to be ridden primarily on all roads in all weather at all hours of the day and night.  It is not just a general “all rounder”, which is okay at many things but does not excel at any. Nor is it a touring bike, or a cross bike.  It can be used for those functions, but it is more specialized and specifically designed than other randonneur bikes on the market and aesthetically different in numerous ways.

Over the years we have been refining the Pelican into the frame set it is today. All Pelicans are currently being built for us by Winter Bicycles in Springfield, Oregon. These new Pelicans are constructed with a selection of True Temper, Dedacciai and Columbus tubes. The main tubes are fillet brazed with .8/.5/.8 thickness double butted tubing in traditional diameters. The 28.6 seat tube fits a clamp on derailleur and 27.2 seat post. The frame's thinner wall tubing gives the Pelican more lively and exciting ride that is still comfortable after long stints in the saddle. The fork is built with a Grand Bois 50mm wide fork crown and Imperial Oval fork blades.


All Pelicans feature:

  • 1” threaded steerer.
  • 130mm frame&hub spacing.
  • level top tube.
  • cantilever/"V" brake posts and rear housing stops.
  • standard down tube shifter bosses.
  • double eyelet vertical dropouts.
  • double eyelet fork tips.
  • mid fork "low-rider" rack mounts.
  • seatstay rear rack mounts.
  • pump peg behind the head tube.
  • built in threaded mount under the fork crown for direct fender mounting (no more need for a “daruma” eye-bolt).
  • evenly spaced chain and seat stay bridges for proper fender lines.
  • guides for generator light wiring along the fork blade.
  • internal wire routing through the down tube.
  • "Pelican Blue" powder coat finish with a corrosion preventative primer base.
  • Clearance for 650bx42mm tires with fenders and 650bx45mm without. 

Pelican frames have been ridden confidently since 2007 over countless miles by randonneurs, enthusiasts and commuters around North America, Australia, Asia, and Europe, including the famed Paris-Brest-Paris grand randonnee in France. It is quite possibly the best riding US made non-custom randonneur frame set on the market.


Frame Geometry

All measurements are taken from center-to-center. Trail is calculated with 650b x 42 tires.


Wheelsize  Seat Tube Top Tube HT Angle ST Angle Standover BB Drop Fork Offset Trail Wheelbase Chain Stay
650b 50 cm 53 cm 73 73.5 75.3 cm 70 mm 60 mm 39 101 cm 43.5 cm
650b 52 cm 54.5 cm 73 73.5 77.1 cm 70 mm 60 mm 39 102.5 cm 43.5 cm
650b 54 cm 56 cm 73 73 79.4 cm 70 mm 60 mm  39 103.6 cm 43.5 cm
650b 56 cm 57 cm 73 73 81.3 cm 70 mm  60 mm 39 105.6 cm 43.5 cm
650b 58 cm 58 cm 73 72.5 83.2 cm 70 mm 60 mm 39 105.6 cm 43.5 cm
650b 60 cm 59 cm 73 72.5 84.2 cm 70 mm 60 mm 39 106.5 cm 43.5 cm
650b 62 cm* 60 cm 73 72 86.5 cm 70 mm  60 mm 39 107.3 cm 43.5 cm