Gilles Berthoud Threadless Decaleur 70


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Decaleur's help stabilize a traditional transverse handlebar bag when mounted on a bike's front rack.  The Berthoud decaleur's come in three versions with different length extensions.  All mount onto the bike's stem.    

The Berthoud Threadless Decaleur fits threadless stems with 4 bolt faceplates.  The decaleur replaces the two bottom bolts, and sits in front of the faceplate.  The bolts can be spaced from 22-28mm apart, depending on the model of stem used.  

The extension is 70mm long.  You choose the size of the decaleur dependent on the size of your bike, height of your headtube, and bar position in relation to you particular bag.  If you have a big frame with lowish bars on a 10cm Thomson Mtn stem, and are fitting a 22 or 25 series bag, you would most likely need the AH-70.  Or if your bars were high, and you were mounting a 25 or 28 series bag, this would be the one to use.

Three tubes attach the bag to the decaleur.  Two are directly mounted to the bag, and all three are connected by a long "cotter pin".