T.A. Axix Light


T.A.Specialites have been making high quality cranks and bottom brackets since the late 1930's.  Their cranks and BB's continue to be popular with randonneurs, cyclotourists, and constructeurs the world over.  In fact early mountain bikes speced the cranks due to their quality and adaptability.  

The Axix is T.A.'s square taper bottom bracket. It has the specific T.A. taper which splits the middle between JIS and ISO. You can run both JIS or ISO cranks on these BB's. They obviously go great with the T.A. Pro 5 Vis cranks. For a non Pro 5 Vis T.A. double crank on a 130mm spaced bike, use a 116mm or 119mm spindle. For TA Pro 5 Vis Double crank, use a 122mm spindle, or 125mm if the chainstays sit far outboard on the BB shell. For a Pro 5 Vis triple crank use a 125mm spindle. For Non Pro 5 Vis triple cranks, use a 119mm. These BB's are quite light.

The spindle is hollow steel. Bearings are replaceable sealed cartridge 6903 bearings.  Cups are aluminum and have lip seals at the spindle.  British ISO threading.  

You use the standard Shimano splined BB tool, but you need a special TA lockring wrench for the non drive cup's lockring.  Or use a Hozan Lockring Wrench.