Berthoud AS100 Saddlebag w/toe strap: Gray


Handmade in France by Gilles Berthoud, the AS100 Saddlebag can fit a surprising amount in it's small frame.  Originally intended to hold spare tubular tires, we have been re-purposing it over the past few years to carry three tubes (either 650b or 700c), two tires levers, a multi tool, and some other odds and ends. Some nice things about this bag besides it's looks and carrying capacity, is the flap which is closed by a strong hook and loop strip, and the two leather lashing straps on the sides. The AS100 attaches to your saddle rails using a toestrap (included). The lashing straps locate the toestrap solidly onto the bag. The bag will not slip out of the toestrap when riding, even over bumpy terrain.  If you are looking for the classiest, most functional saddlebag for carrying your tools and tubes, the AS100 is it.