Berthoud "Alex Singer" AS-1 Handlebar Bag


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Originally made for Cycles Alex Singer in Paris.  This is a great little bag for all-day rides and good weather 200/300k's.  The main compartment opens away from the rider and can easily fit a longsleeve jersey, a couple of bottles of ensure, and a few power bars or tools.  There are two rear facing flapped pockets.  All flaps are closed with elastic bands.   The bag needs to be supported by a front rack like the Nitto M-12, M-13, or any of the Berthoud front bag racks.  It has an elastic loop at the bottom like the original design for bag retention, but I just cut them off and insert a toe strap to hold the bag to the rack platform.  As with all Berthoud bags, they are sewn by hand in France.  Materials are cotton duck and leather trim.  

Measurements are 8x5x5 inches.