Group rides leave from the shop at the times stated. Please read below. 

Wednesday mornings include a mellow exploration of Golden Gate Park trails. One can expect to pedal for 1-2 hours. The ride loops out to the beach and returns to Box Dog before the shop opens for business at 11AM. Often there's a stop for coffee along the way. The pace is always chill and social. Any bike will do as long as you're comfortable "off-road."

Friday nights have us crossing Golden Gate Bridge and briefly travelling through the mixed terrain of the Marin Headlands, racking up approximately twenty-five miles. These rides keep us outside for 2-3 hours, so even during Pacific Daylight Time, a bike equipped with a good front light is required. Be it a robust, commuter-style model, a wired trail light, or a reliable generator system ~ as long as the unit sprays a good light source on the ground in front of the bike, you'll be good. The Headlands are often dark and without moonlight.