Grand Bois Hetre 650b 42mm


Grand Bois tires are high end gumwall tires conceived for randonneuring and spirited riding over rough terrain.  The ride quality of the Grand Bois tires is superb, due in part to their very supple casing and sidewalls. These tires are also some of the fastest rolling tires that we have ridden, whether it is on dirt roads or paved. Grand Bois 650b tires are the tires of choice for many randonnuers and those who have the clearances for wide and supple 650b tires.  

All of the 650b tires make great mixed terrain tires due to their high air volume capacity and wide contact patch. By far the favorite "all road" tire is the 42mm wide model. 


Kevlar bead

650bx42 412 grams

Brick Red or Black tread