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So, you may or may not noticed our small collection of camping stuff in the shop. A few odds and ends and a display in the window and one of the cases. One thing we're really stoked about carrying is Esbit stoves. A little about them:

The Esbit Alcohol stove & cookset is a really good value ($49.99) for everything you need and then some. The whole set up (pictured below) includes everything you need for a minimalist (overnight or lightweight) stove set up.

The alcohol stove (pictured below) is pretty similar to those Trangia stoves with some important improvements. Notably, that the o ring on the lid (to the right in the middle) seems a bit beefier and the flame regulator (in the foreground to the left) has a nice long handle to more effectively adjust heat while in use. It's all brass and will take any kind of alcohol to work but works best with denatured alcohol. You can store fuel in the stove (with the threaded cap) or take it with you in a small (or large if you need to) plastic bottle. Eric bought one of those plastic bulk lotion/shampoo bottles from Rainbow for his.

The rest of the cookset (pictured below) is made from hard anodized alloy to ensure durability meal after meal. The larger pot has a pour spot and large easy to see oz. and ml. measurements.  You get one larger pot/cup, one smaller pot/lid/cup, the stove stand, and the optional fuel cube platform. (more about fuel cubes later)

This is what it looks like all set up! *HI ANGUS!* It all nestles into the large pot too which fits into an included mesh drawstring bag.

For the REAL minimalists out there we offer a even more simplified Esbit fuel cube pocket stove (pictured below). The really cool thing is that though it looks like a Donald Judd sculpture it won't put you out nearly as much. A paltry $10 is all it takes to bring home this monument to industrial simplicity.

Included are 6 fuel cubes. Each of which burns for approximately 12 min and can bring water to boil in about 8 min. The cubes can reside in the stove while in transit too!

There are two cooking positions: one for smaller pots (pictured below with a Vargo Titanium cup/pot sold separately)

And larger pots (pictured below with large pot from the alcohol cookset)

Okay enough about stoves! Enjoy the rest of these warm nights!  Go camping! Have fun!

September 17, 2013 by Emily
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