Lazer Genesis: Helmet Review


We stock quite a variety commuter and performance helmets here at the shop, but I thought I would share my experiences with the Lazer Genesis helmet, which I have been riding for a few years, and consider to be an extremely comfortable, lightweight offering at a very reasonable price. I want to ride a helmet that looks pro and has a low profile, but I also want comfort, both in ventilation and fit. Basically I want it to look good and I want to forget that I am wearing it.


The Genesis has a nice understated style, and comes in a variety of colors, but just two sizes, Medium, for heads 52-58 cm, and Large, for heads 59-61 cm. How does Lazer get away with only two sizes? Their patented Rollsys design floats your head in the center of the helmet instead of smashing the helmet back against your forehead. I have always had problems with pressure points and headaches on long rides with other helmets, but have not had any issues since switching to the Genesis. In addition, the adjustment roll knob on the top is easy to adjust with one hand while riding.

If you are in the market for a new helmet, I highly suggest the Genesis. It's stylish, comfortable, and at $175.00, it is competitively priced. We keep both sizes in stock, in both white and black, so feel free to stop by the shop and try one on!

September 11, 2013 by Carl
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