Jerseys and bibs and caps - Oh my!

Remember that pre-order we opened up in May? Time is running out to jump on that offer. We're pretty close to shooting off our deposit to Capo.


What you may not know is that we've also got caps on the way from Pace Sportswear. They'll look pretty much as illustrated below.



We did a little redesign on our old iconography and our using that with the new logo and typeface. Colorway has got the usual five values. Caps are expected to be here in early August.

To sweeten the deal on the jerseys and/or bibs, we're going to throw in a cap for every pre-order made. The window to secure soft goods, as mentioned earlier, is shutting down soon. And to clarify, the $100 deposit for pre-orders will be applied to either or both the retail price of the jerseys ($115) and bibs ($140) once they touchdown and are ready to sell.

July 11, 2013 by Geoff
Tags: journal
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