Spruce up your ride for the ALC

Over the past few weeks, we have had a few customers bring in their road bikes to get tuned up for the AIDS/Lifecycle. The massive ride is just over a month away, starting June 2, so it makes some sense to give a bike a little love for all those miles.

Box Dog Bikes wants to share in that love and offer a few good deals that will spruce-up your steed for those 545 miles along the Cali coastline. We’ve got some equipment upgrades we’re offering to ALC riders at 15-percent off. And, trust us, these seemingly small upgrades will absolutely improve your ride.

Fizik Bar Tape and Gel: Cush-up your ride with Fizik’s unique MicroTex fiber handlebar tape and some comfy gel pads underneath. Fizik’s tape is perforated for breathability during those hot road days, plus the gel inserts absorb the shock of the road. After a week on the road, your hands and arms will appreciate the extra comfort. Fizik offers a soft touch tape and a tacky tape, each in lots of fun colors. Treat yourself.

Gore cables: These are high performance cables and housing systems that keep your shifting from misbehaving. Trademarked as the “Low Friction System,” these strong cables use better seals and housing that compress less than standard housing. The results are gears that won’t slip out of adjustment after your first day on the ride.

Schwable tubes: Oh yeah, that’s right. Better than a Schwable tire is a Schwable tube! Using a quality rubber mixture with a thorough molding process, Schwable’s tubes are airtight, with uniform wall-thickness through-out the tube. Basically, these tubes won’t leak as much air as common tubes.  Plus, the valves are nickel plated and threaded, with replaceable valve inserts. Unplattbar!

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season tires: Continental’s 4-season tires are the toughest, most durable tires on the road - wet or dry. Constructed with the Grand Prix 4000 casing, 3-ply and 330-tpi core, the 4-seasons are designed for the cobblestones in the Paris–Roubaix race. Still light-weight racing tires, they’re layered with Conti’s trademarked DuraSkin sidewalls and Vectran Breaker strips to wield off punctures. The 4 Season tires won’t wear-out with simply one Lifecycle ride. Truth is, this tire could take two or three trips down the coast.

April 29, 2013 by Angus
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