Frostbike - A Winter (Bicycle) Wonderland

Gabe and I are out in Bloomington MN for the weekend at a bicycle industry convention. The convention is put on by QBP, one of the largest US distributors and manufacturers in the bike industry. QBP is home to many of our favorite brands, including Surly and All-City Cycles. Additionally, other smaller vendors such as PDW, Velo-Orange, Challenge, DT Swiss and Schwable have booths at the convention so we will be posting interesting pictures of their new products onto our feed.

Throughout the weekend we will be updating the Box Dog Bikes Instragram feed with photos from the convention and any insights we have into upcoming trends in the industry or changes you can expect to see at the shop. Please feel free to leave comments on our feed if you want to see more specific photos or have other products you'd like us to investigate.

It goes without saying that as a convention Frostbike is a major ordeal for QBP.  We appreciate all the effort, attention and support the good folks at Q have given us over the years and are honored to be able to come out and participate in Frostbike.  Special thanks to Steve and Tae, Surly Bikes, All-City Bikes and all of the support and behind the scenes workers here at QBP.

February 23, 2013 by Andy
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