Welcoming in the Disc Trucker

About a year ago we special ordered a Surly Disc Trucker for a customer. There were some upgrades made, as seen below, such as the leather-adorned cockpit and the hardcore tires. Within that year we also special ordered a larger size, 26"-wheeled version for someone else.


2012 Surly Disc Trucker


This photo, by our standards, has since "blown up" on Flickr, garnering some two thousand views. That goes to speak some degree to the kind of bikes we're interested in. And the same goes for our customer and fan base. We have given it some thought and decided earlier this year to replace the Long Haul Trucker we've been stocking with it's big brother, the Disc Trucker.


Surly Disc Trucker


Fear not - there are still plenty of 2012 L.H.Ts. in the shop - and they're on sale too! But as we run out of a particular size it'll be replaced by a disc brake version and a price tag of $1400. As of now we're sitting on a 50cm, 26" wheel platform (pictured above). Within the next week we'll have a 58cm frame built up around 700c wheels. There are really only a few slight changes from the L.H.T. model to this one (hubs, brakes, levers, to name a few). But whether you're curious about the ride or in the market for a bad-ass, all-condition, all-weather touring bike, swing by the shop and check out our new acquisition.

February 07, 2013 by Geoff
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