Glamour shots and a ramble about my Pelican

Click on the link above to check out Geoff's photos of my Pelican.

When I first built my Pelican it looked like this. Colorful and snazzy. I love the way the mustache bars look, but not how they feel. The Nitto Campee low-rider compatible rack, was also a cool choice for its versatility. If you look closely, you can see that i mounted a tail light on my saddle, and the front lamp upside down (yikes!). Peter White would not be pleased. Open this article and search for the words "how not to do it," to read just how disappointed Peter is about this. Live and learn. For some time I'd desired a powerful set of non-battery lights on my bike. These lumotecs did the trick. I could ride at night and not think about it. My bike had become a more functional vehicle.

Quickly, the Pelican became my all-rounder. I can go grocery shopping. Take it on a long road ride. Even hit a fire trail safely. Every aspect of this frameset is well suited for the daily commute or daily adventure. Mounting fenders, racks and lights is so necessary for making this happen is easy to do with the Pelican. The stainless steel fenders are durable enough to take the BART abuse and more importantly keep my feet and butt dry on rainy rides.

The pletscher double kickstand keeps the Pelican upright on the side of Pinehurst ridge road.

Yeah, that's NJS! The headset can ride Keirin, but that cablestop would not be invited.

Carrying a subwoofer was kind of challenging up and down the BART stairs, but the ride was fine. With down tube shifters, its easy for me to swap out from drop to upright bars.

The light stream from the Lumotec IQ Cyo Senso Plus was easy to see on this foggy night ride home. 20 lbs of cat food on the Pass & Stowe porteur rack is not as easy to see in this blurry snapshot. I thought it'd make a cool picture, but my camera doesn't really have good nightvision.

I'm loving my new Aspin saddle by Berthoud. It feels like the leather version of the ever popular Selle Italia Flite.

This fantastic bag was built by my friend Mark at His bags are pretty cool, lots of room and easy on and off for a porteur rack. Memphis, the cat found a nice temporary home.

That's my Pelican. Its got friends too!

February 12, 2013 by Angus
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Andrew said:

The BDB/PW situation way too Tupac/Biggie.


Bob said:

Nice Pelican, lucky guy.

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