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Greetings blog readers!


Recently, through our social media outlets (Facebook, Flickr, etc.) we've been highlighting images of the bicycles that our staff own, operate, maintain, and adore. Many of these bikes are our daily riders. Some may be more purpose-oriented, like a long-distance machine or a cross-country race rig. Pardon the cliche, (like it or not) but whatever the style or application, these are bicycles that we identify with and use to express ourselves. A bike does not necessarily define who you are but we feel it speaks directly about the kind of riding one enjoys.



We obviously love bikes and like talking about them. As a business we back-up the products we sell. This begins with the experience - actually using them and developing informed opinions. By photographing our rides and writing about them we extend to you our interests and passions that you may not able be to pick up on otherwise. Consider it part of getting to know us.


Moving forwards, ya'll can expect to see more sets of pictures pop up. Refer here for textual contributions and our Flickr for the visuals.


December 20, 2012 by Geoff
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