New Pelican Frames, built by Winter Bicycles.

Here are some phone photos of one of the new 60cm Pelican frames. I wanted to share some quick images as I am super excited about these new frames. I will get better quality shots up soon, as well as adding the frames to the webstore. We have three 56cm and one 60cm frame left of the first Winter built batch. Both are the 700c wheelsize, some 650b frames will be coming next round.  $1600 for frame and fork.  Give the shop a call or email if you have any questions.

Winter Bicycles built Pelican

Winter Bicycles built Pelicans

Winter Bicycles built Pelicans

Winter Bicycles built Pelicans

Fender Mounting Plate

New Pelican Headbadge!!!

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Jim G

Jim G said:

Let me know when I can pick mine up. :D


nicholas said:

great work gabe! fine work eric estlund! and whoever designed that headbadge is rad too.

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