Winter Dress

It's upon us. As I sit in the shop now the clouds are gathering. Some put away the bike in the winter time bringing it out when the birds come back and the sky clears. For others bicycle commuting and recreational riding is a year 'round endeavor.

The rains in the Bay Area have started and although they aren't freezing YET we still have to make some alterations when we hop on the bike in the morning. I don my rain gear (jacket, pants, and galoshes). I keep a hankie in my pocket to wipe the rain off my glasses, and I wrap my cell phone in a plastic baggie.

Your bike is no different. It's a safety and comfort concern. Responsive braking/shifting, dry feet, fresh tread, and the ability to see and be seen in these darker days are all things that are going to make your time in the saddle that much more fun and safe.

We are having a a few sales around the shop to help get you and your bike in winter mode.We have a Tune-up special to get your bike in prime performance for slick roads. Do you need some new brake pads? New drive train parts? New tires? Our discount of 50% for our Standard Tune ($57 for a $115 value) and Pro-Tune ($87 for a $175 value) will save you loads when replacing parts.

Then there's accessories. Lights and fenders are winter time essentials. Box Dog specializes in Dynamo lighting systems, we also have a good selection of rechargeable lights, as well as  standard battery powered illumination devices. Dynamo light set ups are pretty involved so take advantage of the 50% off install labor discount!

Fenders come in a few different forms here. We stock  everything from simple clip on rear fenders, to full cromo-plastic fenders, to every possible finish and size of handmade Japanese Honjo Fenders. Take advantage of 20% off all fenders and 50% off all fender installs!

Have fun and stay dry don't get too wet!


December 11, 2012 by Emily
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