Product Review: Niterider Solas Tail Light

While driving around in this winter's first rain I was reminded of the importance of strong lights in bad weather.  Even in daylight storm conditions, most basic lights simply don't provide enough output to be seen by drivers at a safe distance.  After ruminating for much of the weekend on the pros and cons of being rear ended by a car on my bicycle, I returned to work and upgraded from my tired old Planet Bike Blinky Superflash to the new Niterider Solas rear light.  On it's lowest setting it's about as bright as my old AAA-battery equipped light on full blast, so that was pretty convincing for me.

My bicycles and accessories live a rough life. In the weeks that I've had it the Solas has held up nicely.  It's already fallen out of my pocket at speed, survived 10+ hours of rain multiple times, and even stayed on it's mount when I dropped my bike down a flight of stairs!  Being clumsy and mildly irresponsible makes for great product reviews.

The Solas is available in our online store or at our brick-and-mortar (more like lath-and-plaster) location, where we are featuring an amazing winter sale that discounts all of our lights 20%.

December 04, 2012 by Ian
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