Gifts for Cyclists: Safety

If you are looking to give a cyclist a holiday gift, then consider a safety accessory.  Safety equipment makes a great gift.  For the most part safety equipment is inexpensive, it is not something that people usually buy for themselves, and if gifted, it will be used frequently.

This is crappy resolution photo.  What it lacks in composition, however, it makes up in content.  Jackie took this photo when he was riding the Grasshopper earlier this year.  The light was poor due to the rainy weather, and the photograph was taken on the bike.  As you can see, despite moving quickly in low light, Gabe was noticeable because he 1) is remarkably handsome and 2) was wearing the a reflective vest.

I wrote about the Mavic Vision yestserday, but didn't really touch upon the safety aspects of the vest.  To put it succinctly, "It's a very safe vest."  The seams are well constructed, its a slim but not constricting fit, warm but not uncomfortable.  It features a full zip for easy ventilation and removal, wide arm holes for layering underneath, a full zipper enclosed back pocket, and a nice little terry-cloth neck guard on the top of the front zipper to prevent the zipper from scratching you.  And, it is incredibly reflective.

Reflective material can also be added to your bicycle or helmet, in the form of Nathan Reflective Stickers. The stickers come in two varieties - the long 27" strip or the pack of 40 smaller stickers.  Nathan sells the strip as a kit for accessorizing your frame and the pack as a kit for accessorizing your helmet.

If you really want to accessorize your helmet, another safety addition is the helmet mounted mirror.  It's affordable, useful, and super cool looking.  Also, if you are a ninja, then you can use it to sneak around safely.

November 28, 2012 by Andy
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