Tool Roll Prototype

BDB bag number one.  I've been wanting to make bags for a while, and this is the first of the first.  I've always liked the basic simple burrito tool roll, but I've yet to come across one that actually worked well for me.

BDB Tool Roll Prototype

I want the bag to be simple, and to actually be functional as a saddle mounted tool roll. I want it to be made out of quality materials, and I want it to be made locally. This prototype is made out of 18oz cotton duck with surged edges (to prevent the cloth from unraveling). It has the all important leather lash tab to hold the strap in place when you lash the roll to your saddle rails. I am not sure if we will emboss anything on the leather, the hearts are just there to see what it looks like. There are no pockets, because I always find the pockets in tool rolls to be limiting to specific items. We will see where the final design goes.

BDB Tool Roll Prototype

I've been riding this one for a couple of weeks, and have taken it out on a 200k where I flatted due to a goathead thorn.  This roll has worked really well.  Easy on, easy off, and it was nice to be able to lay it out and see/wrangle my tools and tubes.

I am not sure on the pricing yet, but it will come with a toe strap. I hope to have these in production and available for sale by the new year.

BDB Tool Roll in action

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