Schwalbe Tires

Schwalbably the best. Unplattbar! As they say in Scwhalbeland.

For quite a while, I've been an admirer of Schwalbe tires. Yes, partly because of their English rhyming counter-names, but also because hard core European tourists will frequently ask for them by name. I finally took the plunge about six months ago and ordered up some for my Bike Friday Metro and was immediately impressed. A new Marathon Racer on the front wheel provided a smooth, supple grip to the road. And thus far I've been unplattbar (flat-less).

At Box Dog Bikes we're stocking a variety of Schwalbe tires including: Big Apple Plus in 26" sizes as well as Marathon Plus, and the Marathon Dureme in 700c sizes. We also carry their single seam tubes which hold their pressure longer than other brands.

Come get some, then go out and ride!

November 15, 2012 by Angus
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Sterling Hada

Sterling Hada said:

Love Schwalbe tires and tubes. Yes, they’re heavy, but they are extremely durable. For city bike and urban riding, I particularly like the tires with reflective sidewalls.

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