ISO a Good Bicycle Mechanic

Box Dog Bikes is hiring for a full time Bicycle Mechanic.

We are looking for someone with an outgoing, upbeat personality who enjoys meeting and working with a wide variety of people.  An ideal mechanic is passionate about bicycles, is a people person and has a deep technical understanding of bicycle technology new and old.

At Box Dog Bikes, the Mechanic wears a lot of hats.  A good mechanic is someone who can build stock bikes, diagnose and tune a full range of bicycles, perform custom builds and wheel builds, and above all can keep a bench and a repair board clean and orderly.

Away from the bench, a good mechanic is someone who wants to improve procedures and streamline operations, is looking to be in a position to grow and improve the service department, and most importantly, is committed to investing in relationships with customers and the wider cycling community.

Please have at least three years minimum professional bike shop experience.

There are many benefits of working at Box Dog, here are a few:

  • Its a fun place to work
  • People here are nice, and its a fun place to work
  • We “think outside the bun,” and are not your stereotypical shop
  • We have close relationships with many of the more unique names in cycling
  • You will have input into the processes and operations of the shop.  You will be asked to participate in refining the sales process and service environment
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • We are a growing company and as such will have many more opportunities for employees in the future.

Still with us?  Still Interested?  OK, let’s really get into it:

Job Responsibilities:

  • Bicycle repair
    • Diagnosis and troubleshooting incoming repairs
    • Writing repair estimates
    • Communicating with customers and scheduling appointments
    • Tune Ups
  • Building Bikes
    • Out of box production builds
    • Custom “frame up” builds
  • Custom & Specialty Work
    • Wheelbuilds
    • Frame Prep & Custom “Frame Up” Builds
  • “Housekeeping”
    • Communicating with customers
    • Making and tracking customer orders and service tickets
    • Cleaning and maintaining service department
    • Taking an active role in defining and delivering an awesome “Customer Experience”


  • General
    • Demonstrated interest in Box Dog Bikes
    • High general aptitude
    • High critical thinking skills
    • Proficient goal oriented thinking
    • Ability to project plan and to think in short and long term planning windows
    • Focused
    • Ability to work alone
    • Ability to work with others
    • Loves bicycles
  • Personal Characteristics
    • General positive attitude
    • Social person - must enjoy working in a social environment
    • Compassion
    • Even-keeled personality
    • Patience
    • Ability to provide and receive feedback
    • Interest in self-betterment
    • Ability to articulate personal perspective
    • Sense of humor, love of life
  • Mastery of Bicycle Mechanics
    • Minimum 3 years professional experience
    • Industry certification a plus
    • Proficiency at problem solving and resolution
    • Mastery of high level skills
  • Skilled at Sales
    • Understands the sales process
    • Greets and engages customers
    • Consistent results
  • Proficiency with computers
    • Windows, Mac, Microsoft Office, Google Office.
    • Experience using point of sales software
    • Bottom line: must be comfortable using computers

Ok, Still with us?  Still interested?  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Write a cover letter
  2. Send your cover letter and resume to hiring (at)

Come by and say hi!  We are looking forward to meeting you.



September 07, 2012 by Andy
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