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56cm 650b Pelican

At the beginning of this year we had a soft release of 650b Pelicans in sizes 54-62cm.  We wanted to test the waters as to whether the demand we were hearing for 650b Pelicans in sizes larger than 52cm, was in fact true.  So far it has been.  We will be adding the 650b wheelsize for 54-62cm into the production queue.  Here is a link to the 650b geometry.

Why ride a 650b Pelican?  650b allows one to run amazingly wide and supple tires for on and off road riding without having to stop and adjust tire pressure.  Do you want to do a ride to Fairfax up and over Mt. Tam on dirt roads and trails, and then take the pavement up Seven Sisters back to SF?   Then 650b is a great choice.  Are a lot of the roads on your local Brevet series in pretty rough shape?  Wide 650b tires soak up the bumps and cracks in the road better than corresponding 700c tires without the weight or speed penalties.  650b really lets you ramble and ride anywhere you want, without needing to fiddle with tire pressure or worry about terrain as much.

Why a 700c Pelican then?  Well, we all know the benefits of 700c tires, especially the 28-35mm ones.  It's a great choice if your riding is primarily on paved roads.  The 700c Pelican also works great for fair amount of fire road riding, just pick the right tires and air pressure.  With the 700c Pelican you can officially fit 700x35 with fenders, and 38/40mm without.  Go ride a brevet series, go camping, go on tour, go ride your bike.  Each wheels size works great.

We have have a few of the 650b frames left in 56cm, 60cm, 62cm.  Give us a ring, shoot us an email, or stop on by.  $1400.00 will get you a made in the USA lowtrail steel frameset designed by me here in SF.  The 650b frames have the same details as the current Pelicans; light wire guides on the fork blades, internal wiring for the rear light, etc.

These will be the last of the Pelicans built for us by Banjo Bicycles.  We have a new builder in the works, as well as some more upgrades and other exciting news about the Pelican that I will be letting out of the hat soon.


650b BDB Pelican: Wide from the side

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Gabe said:

The overall specs of the new frames will be the same. The main changes will be a fillet brazed frameset versus TIG, and a small tubing upgrade. Still “standard” diameter tubing. Still 1" threaded. The price will increase accordingly as materials and labor costs rise. More details to come.

Lee Legrand

Lee Legrand said:

Will the spec’s be the same when it is done by another frame builder?

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