Pro Sales Position Available At Box Dog Bikes

Box Dog Bikes is hiring for a full time sales position.

In addition to the fundamental requirements of being involved in the cycling community, demonstrating a deep enthusiasm for bicycles and having an upbeat and outgoing demeanor, we are looking for someone who is driven, wants to be in a position to grow and improve our sales department, improve procedures and streamline operations, and most importantly strengthen our relationships with our customers and community.

We are looking for someone who....

Wants to be outside - riding, camping, being social.  We are a small shop and working together and having fun is a critical aspect of how we succeed.  Moreover, we are only as successful as we are active in our larger community.

On a professional level, we are looking for someone who is comfortable walking our customer through custom assemblies like this...

Demonstrates a knowledge of part specs and mechanical compatibility that allow builds like this...

But can also walk customers through basic bike sales and help stock and clean the sales floor and still keep a rocking attitude.

We are looking for someone who knows bicycle trends past, present and future, and demonstrates enthusiasm for developing relationships in the community and sales in the shop.

Please have at least three years minimum professional bike shop experience.

There are many benefits of working at Box Dog, here are a few:

  • Its a fun place to work
  • We "think outside the bun," and are not your stereotypical shop
  • We have close relationships with many of the more unique names in cycling
  • You will have input into the processes and operations of the shop.  You will be asked to participate in refining the sales process and sales environment
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • We are a growing company and as such will have many more opportunities for employees in the future.

Still with us?  Still interested?  Here's what you need to do:

  1. Write a cover letter explaining why you want this job and what qualifies you to work here
  2. Send your cover letter and resume to hiring (at)

Come by and say hi!  We are looking forward to meeting you.




June 22, 2012 by Andy
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