Bike Camping. You should do it too!

I didn't get a chance to go camping, let alone bike camping this year until two weeks ago with the rest of the gang here at Box Dog. Leaving on a Saturday after closing,



and heading back with time to spare before opening on Sunday.


We had some good times


and got to experience the beautiful wonder of the nearby headlands.


I love the GGNRA!

P.S. Announcement: Come to the kick off for Co-Cycle, tomorrow, June 1st at Mosswood Park in Oakland, Friday 4-8pm

The Film

Co-Cycle is a youth led group is biking from San Francisco to Massachusetts to celebrate the International Year of the Cooperative visiting cooperatives on a 3,000k tour. Now that's bike camping!



May 31, 2012 by Angus
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grumpy said:

Only if you ride your Pelican! Totally man. We will let you know.

Gino Zahnd

Gino Zahnd said:

Looks like a great little trip! I’d love to hop on the train next time ’round.

Dan T.

Dan T. said:



nathan said:

where’d y’all camp?

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