For Review: Lazer Genesis Helmet

Few things can be taken for granted more, while riding a bike, than a bike helmet. Some riders even, elect to not wear them at all (dumb idea). Though I try to wear a helmet at all times, I can sometimes forget to wear mine when running out for lunch at the shop, but I always wear a helmet on longer road rides and for my commute to work. For years, I thought that what made a good helmet was how light it was and how many vents it has. While that may be true to some extent, what I hadn't discovered until I tried on the Genesis, from Lazer, is how much more fit and comfort play a role is determining what makes a helmet really shine. There is nothing worse than a helmet that wont stay in place or has exposed foam that causes pressure points on the riders head.

What really set the Lazer Genesis apart from other helmets that I've owned (Giro Atmos and Bell Volt) is the patented Roll-Sys tension system that is proprietary to Lazer helmets. Instead of a tension mechanism that adjusts under the rear of the helmet, like Giro and Bell, and grabs the occipital bone at the base of the skull, pulling the helmet backwards, forcing it into the front of the riders head, the Lazer Genesis and its Roll-Sys system holds the riders head from both the front and back, allowing the riders head to "float" inside it, reducing pressure points. When I tried the Lazer Genesis a few years ago, it blew my mind. I suffer from what some people like to call a "huge head", so most helmets, no matter how much they cost, or say that they offer superior comfort, actually don't fit me all that well. With the Lazer Genesis, I have no pressure points, only perfect comfort, all day on the bike. If you've ever spent a lot of time on a bike with a helmet that won't stay put or isn't comfortable, you know how shitty that can be, and I highly recommend the Lazer Genesis for your next helmet. While there are lighter helmets (300 grams for the Genesis) and better ventilated helmets (19 vents for the Genesis), no helmet comes close to the comfort of the Lazer Genesis.

Visit us at the bike shop if you are curious about the Lazer Genesis ($175), we have good stock of them right now. We also stock the Lazer O2 ($100) and are able and happy to order in the Genesis's lighter weight version, the Helium ($230). While $175 can seem like a lot for a helmet, think about what it protects, and think about how much more you'll want to wear it if it is comfortable and barely noticeable.

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