Forget fresh snow! We got fresh mud!

While winter sports enthusiasts were rejoicing over the recent snowfall in the Sierras, bay area cyclists (well some of us anyway) were praising the rain for a completely different reason. Mud!
After an obscenely dry cyclocross season, we finally got enough rain to soften up the trails, and I jumped on the chance to get out there and get my bike dirty. I took the cross bike out for a nice, long East Bay Hills mixed terrain loop, hitting some of my favorite trails and fire roads in Sibley, Redwood and Joaquin Miller parks.
With more rain on the way, I'm hoping for many more days like this to come!

Mud, finally.
Mud! Finally!

Don't miss this.
I forgot that West Ridge Trail gets sticky.

A little East Bay Magic.
I'm not telling you where this is.

Looking out towards the Golden Gate.

January 22, 2012 by Angus
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RyaN said:

Ooops. rode not road.


RyaN said:

I’m jealous! That looks like fun. All I road was wet pavement this weekend.

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