New Surly Pacers In Stock!

new pacer

We just got in our first batch of new Surly Pacers!
The 2012 Pacer offers the same reliable, high quality ride as previous years models, but with some crucial upgrades for the new year.
Shimano's Tiagra level components are now 10 speed. Yep, 10! The shifter bodies have a new shape, making for a more comfortable hand position, and Surly has upgraded the brakes to the stiffer, more responsive, Tektro R358.
Touted as "the road bike for the rest of us", the Pacer is an affordable no-frills, mid-level, steel road bike that offers up high performance without being snobbish or unnecessarily expensive.
The 2012 Surly Pacer retails for $1350.
Come down and check one out today!

January 19, 2012 by Angus
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