Sacramento Cyclocross #4. Lembi Park, Folsom.

This weekend is a big weekend for cross in the greater bay area, with two races in Folsom for the Sacramento Cross Series and the Stafford Lake Cyclocross races in Napa. Unfortunately, I'm at work today, so I'll miss the Stafford Lake race, but I managed to get out to Folsom for Sacramento CX #4 on Saturday.
Usually, waking up at 7am on my day off isn't my idea of a good time, but a friend and I did it anyway, getting on the road by 8 to make the trek out to Folsom. After getting lost a few times we made it to Lembi park just in time to sign up for the Bs race and spin a few quick laps before start time. The recent rain and cold weather made it finally feel like cyclocross season, and the air in Folsom was a brisk (for Califorinia in November) 45 degrees.
The folks at Sac. CX did a great job utilizing the entire grassy park with a mostly winding tight course with a couple more open straight sections, lots of off-camber turns,and a decent run up. They even squeezed a sandpit into a derelict volley ball court.
I felt a little sluggish in the race, losing lots of ground almost immediately after a good fast start off the line, but I had fun on the course and placed a modest 19th out of 38. Smack dab in the center of the pack.
We stuck around to watch the As race, where a pack of five riders (three of them who came out from San Francisco) jumped off the front early and stayed together for the majority of the race battling for the podium. Ultimately Daniel (who was on a single speed) and Rainer from MASH took 2nd and 3rd respectively. Congratulations, dudes!

As line up. Sacramento Cyclocross.
As line up.

Just missed the action.
Rooster tails in the sand pit.

This hurts.
Barriers at the bottom forced the run up.

November 06, 2011 by Angus
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