A long weekend on the bike.

Last weekend I headed up to Occidental on short notice to take a little "mini-tour" with my brother, Anthony. After a late 2p.m. start on Friday, we rode from his house on Coleman Valley Road, down Willow Creek Road, out Austin Creek Road through Cazadero, then up the long, brutal Kings Ridge Road, eventually returning to the coast via Hauser Bridge Road and Kruse Ranch Road (descending the dirt in the dark). After Squatting the group camp at Salt point (the campground was full, and no hiker biker site!) we returned to his house via Hwy 1 and Willow Creek Road. Check out the route here and the whole flickr set here.

Brothers House. OAEC.
My brother, packing up at his "house" in Occidental.
Austin Creek Road sights.
Animal totems on Austin Creek Road.
Kings Ridge Road gets steep.
Top of the Ridge. Nearing sundown.
Last light in the west.
Descending Kruse Ranch Road in the dark.
It's nice to wake up like this.
It's nice to wake up like this.
Highway one in the morning.
California. We live here.
After all the pain and suffering, THIS is why we do it.
Climbing home on Willow Creek Rd
Ascending Willow Creek Road.

As if that weren't enough, I woke up Sunday morning and headed out to Candlestick point for the first race in this season's Super Prestige Cyclocross series. I raced in the Singlespeed Bs and felt surprisingly strong even after the long weekend of riding. I had to rush back to the city to open the shop by noon and didn't stick around to check the results. I was hoping as usual to finish and not get DFL. Imagine my surprise today when I checked the results and found out I came in 5th!

Start of the Single Speed B race. I'm just off frame a few rows back. Photo poached from Zach Bass' Flickr.

October 25, 2011 by Angus
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