Local photographer Sara LeFleur recently posted a series on LoveBryan about randonneuring.

Somehow "600k in any kind of weather" looks a lot like joy and sunshine through her lens.

More images from this series can be found at LoveBryan.  These riders are all part of the San Francisco Randonneurs club.  If you are looking for more opportunities to explore the greater Bay Area, and are not intimidated by riding over 100 miles at a time, checkout their club page and join the next ride.  More photography can be found at Sara Lafleur's home site.

October 16, 2011 by Andy
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ol'grumpy said:

I think they are some old Nitto/WTB bb-1’s? Not sure.

Isaiah Kramer

Isaiah Kramer said:

What kinda bars you running gabe? looks like a great flare.

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