Sunday Morning Inspiration.

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Having just sent off my brother and an old, dear friend of mine on a week-long bike tour down the West coast to San Diego, I'm admittedly feeling a little nostalgic and bummed out to be at work. Looking through some old pictures , I found the image above, a picture of my friend Jessi's bike on a bike tour that we took together a few years back.
Jessi road this bike over 6,000 miles from Victoria, B.C. to La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
This Image is a testament to the fact that riding a bike in general, and touring specifically, doesn't have to be about having the freshest, lightest gear, or the best bike. It's not about that titanium mess kit or the sub 2 pound tent or the ultra-compact sleeping bag. It's about going out there with what you've got and having fun.
So get out today. Grab that old ten speed, that rusting old beach cruiser (or that brand new carbon racer if you've got it) and go have an adventure, cause I'm stuck here at work, my brother and Shawn are on the road, and life is short.

Have fun.

August 14, 2011 by Angus
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