Dear Sir.

The view from Wilson Hill

Dear Sir,

I'm sorry that I spit on your car in a moment of fear and rage. You see, I usually don't act aggressively towards things that can can kill me (you know, bears, tigers, cars) unless they are trying to. When you come all the way across a double yellow line to pass without first looking for oncoming traffic, and I happen to be in the oncoming lane moving at a solid clip, I'm inclined to believe that you are, indeed, attempting to kill me, whether you know it or not.
It's always easier, in hindsight, after having passed you without great bodily harm, to realize that spitting on your windshield doesn't really solve anything, and that, had you hit me, you'd be dealing with a much larger mess. I was hot, tired, and only 70 miles into a 120 mile ride. I hope that my actions yesterday, if you even noticed, did not enrage you to the extent that you went on to mistreat other cyclists on the road, or that I have, in anyway sullied the reputation of all the other cyclists out there. I offer this apology in hopes that we can continue to share the road in relative peace and harmony.

Thanks for your time,
Jackie Musick

July 03, 2011 by Angus
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Franck said:

Jackie, you are good fellow cyclist.

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