New Bags from Gilles Berthoud and Archive

We've been really into handmade goods for a long time at Box Dog Bikes. Recently, we were able to get our mitts on something really special and hard to get, the Alex Singer model handlebar bag. This bag had been previously unavailable to anyone who didn't work at the prestigious Alex Singer shop in Levallois, in the suburbs of Paris.

What makes this model so good is that it is lighter and has more carrying capacity than the Gilles Berthoud Mini model, also it was designed by the Alex Singer shop, specifically for their needs. If you are unaware of Gilles Berthoud, they produce very high quality cycling accessories that range from bags, saddles, fenders, and many other items for your bicycle. The materials and craftsmanship used at Gilles Berthoud are unrivaled by any other cycling bag maker. We have a couple of these in stock and they retail for $150.

On a more local level, Victor, shop buddy and bag maker, is making handmade bags for cycling and other lifestyle activities. Archive bags are classy and use a lot of waxed canvas, a Box Dog Bikes favorite. We've been carrying his hip pouches for a while, and recently brought in some waxed canvas saddle bags. The design of the saddlebag is surprisingly simple yet very effective. It uses a single webbing strap that loops securely to the saddle rails, tucking the bag up nice and tight to the underside of the saddle. This is really important because, in my opinion, nothing looks worse than a loose saddle bags, hanging down, swinging around with each peddle stroke. We have a few of these guys in stock, and they retail for $40.

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matthew said:

how do i order one of these gilles berthound bags?


Jon said:

You’ll need to come in and buy it in person. Call the shop if you live out of state and we’ll see what we can do.

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