Donate your bike for kids to Ride!

For the past few years, Box Dog Bikes has volunteered its time to fix bikes for the June Jordan School of Equity's Ride or Die program.  This year the number of bikes they have are slim.  Consider donating a bike of yours if you don't ride.  See their words below.

"Do you have an old bike in the garage which you haven't ridden in years? The LifeCycles biking intersession at June Jordan School for Equity needs your used bike! We teach biking to high school students and help them see the world from a new, two-wheeled perspective. For a video of last year's program, see But the vast majority of our participants cannot afford to purchase their own bike.

Our amazing partners at Box Dog Bikes volunteer hours of work to help us get used bikes in working condition, but we need the bikes -- and that's where you come in. We have some bikes, but due to normal wear and tear, several need to be replaced in order for every student to ride this spring. Please help if you can! To donate a bike, please contact TR Amsler at amslersf (at) gmail. com, Amanda Vigil at amanda.vigil (at) gmail .com, or Matt Alexander at mattalexander1 (at ) gmail .com .  The students of June Jordan School for Equity thank you in advance!"

April 11, 2011 by Angus
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