East Bay Hills Mixed-Terrain Race- POSTPONED 'til Apr. 16th

Postponed until April 16th

Box Dog Bikes is proud to sponsor this years East Bay Hills Mixed-terrain “Rallycat”. This race is one of the funnest to go down all year and it is a great introduction to the splendors of East Bay riding for those who don’t live and ride there. Proceeds from this year’s race will go to benefit Spokeland, Oakland’s new, non-profit community bike shop!

Expect 30%-70% road to dirt with lots of fire roads and a little technical single track. Which bike should you ride? I went out yesterday and rode last years route on my mountain bike and had a blast. The rainy weather made for some good muddy conditions, which I expect will keep through the week. Some of the more technical descents would’ve been near impossible on a cross bike, but then again, I was dying on the road sections. This years route will be different than last, and I’ve yet to decide what I’ll be riding on Saturday, so ultimately, it’s up to you. There will also be prizes for the loosely defined “klunker class”. Use your imagination.
No matter what bike you ride, the point of this race is having fun and shredding some fun terrain. The vibe is super positive and supportive with no posing or posturing. Plus there’s beer at the end! Bring your bike and leave the attitude at home.

The race starts at high noon at an as-of-yet-unknown location. Check up here for details as race day approaches.

March 13, 2011 by Angus
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